Walking in the Valle delle Ferriere of Amalfi

The Valle delle Ferriere is a unique place, hidden and protected by the Lattari Mountains, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. It is an area rich in vegetation, with waterfalls and streams, which create a very cool environment even in summer. It is ideal for those who love trekking, and immerse themselves in the colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

The place owes its fame to the travelers of the Grand Tour, who in the nineteenth century enhanced the natural beauty of this romantic landscape, made even more interesting by the presence of ancient factories for the production of handmade paper and iron.
In the innermost part of the Valley there is the Oriented Natural Reserve, where thanks to a particular microclimate, very rare plants survive, such as the thermophilic ferns pteris aquilina and woodwardia radicans, known by botanists since the 18th century.

It is possible to reach the Valle delle Ferriere easily on foot from Amalfi, or from the village of Pontone with an hour’s walk. However there are at least three other paths that lead to the valley, starting from Ravello, from the village of Pogerola or even from Agerola.
These are longer routes that pass through small towns, located in the highest part of the Amalfi Coast. We will discover closely the system of terraces which, built over the centuries, have allowed us to cultivate the vine, the olive tree and the loose Amalfi lemon, thus creating a unique landscape, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The path from Agerola then crosses chestnut orchards and mixed deciduous forests, running along ridges with breathtaking views of the coast, which alternate with verdant valleys, up to a stony ground where the spring of Acquolella gushes. At the bottom opens the Valle delle Ferriere.
A small break, we quench our thirst, and continue the descent to a crossroads in the locality of Tavernate, on the right the path leads to Pogerola; continuing to the left we reach a singular waterfall, and then the ruins of the ancient ironworks.
Another crossroads, to the left the path leads to Pontone, while going down to the right, along the lower part of the valley with the suggestive ruins of the ancient paper mills, you return to Amalfi.

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